The Peacock

What’s with the peacock?

I’m glad you asked. When we call someone a ‘peacock’ or say that they’re ‘peacocking’ we think of showmanship, spectacular beauty and sometimes even vanity or pride. You need only Google ‘Pitti Uomo’ to find a group of peacocks (an ‘ostentation’ is the technical term for that) to see proof. On the surface the peacock is fashion’s spirit animal.

But there’s a lot more to the peacock than that.

The peacock isn’t born as this majestic, stunning creature. It grows into it as it matures, just in the same way that we uncover our own beauty as we develop on a personal level emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Even the most modest of peacocks can attract a mate with ease, a sign that true beauty is achieved through growth alone, which inevitably transforms us on so many levels.

In many cultures and religions, the peacock is an earthly manifestation of the phoenix and thus a symbol of renewal, rebirth and…transformation:

In Ancient Greek mythology the spots on their feathers were eyes of far-reaching vision and awareness capable of seeing the bigger picture.

In Chinese folklore the peacock is associated with the goddess Guan Yin, who ends suffering and is associated with the triumph of good over evil.

In Buddhism, the peacock’s ability to eat poisonous fruits and plants without any ill effect (they even attack and eat snakes) represents one’s ability to absorb the poisons of life whilst continuing on the path of enlightenment.

You get the point.

As an industry riddled with so much darkness, fashion has been in dire need of an alchemist. Quite simply, it had to be the peacock.