Bruises not scars

A false start doesn’t mean you were in the wrong race. It’s a pardonable mistake. Yes it will inevitably go down as a loss, but in truth you were never defeated. This loss doesn’t have to be permanent, however, that only comes when we misinterpret by being temporarily overtaken by defeat. This permanency is a choice. One mustn’t be afraid of restarting…

Couturism The Renaissance

February marked the first birthday of Couturism, a period in which again I was touched by the spectacles of fashion weeks. That it happened again at the same time is just proof of the hold and effect it has on me.

If the spectacle and space afforded to Haute Couture week (and indeed Paris Fashion Week that came before it revealed me anything it’s this: Fashion occupies the same space in many people’s life and perhaps even society as religion. That this idea crossed my mind as the fashion world feasted its eyes on France – a notoriously secular but equally fashionable nation – I must admit struck me with a sense of irony which I’m sure is not lost on you.

With a potentially provocative but certainly far from novel opinion (think Jean Paul Gaultier’s controversial fall/winter 1993 collection, Karl Lagerfeld’s 2013 documentary or even more recently the 2018 Met Gala theme), I also feel obliged to elaborate lest I cause offence.

We follow commandment-like rules, we are loyal to certain brands (and with the recent rise of ethical purchasing we are now also loyal to ideologies), we have our own equivalent of religious figures of authority in influencers, we have high priests and priestesses in creative directors and we even have our own versions of holy lands, personified in this case by the fashion capitals of the world including Paris and London to name a few. I can, and indeed will, go on…in time.

Though not actually a real world, for me it was the only thing I could think of that came close to describing this concept. So as far as I’m concerned, it is in fact a word. After all, what is a word?

And thus, we have the birth of Couturism. Or in this case the rebirth…

Pandemic Baby

A neologism birthed a year ago and my own pandemic baby for want of a better term.

Finally launching my own blog after being told my many people that I should and stubbornly refusing. In hindsight it made so much sense. Every time I wrote something I felt personally attacked by Instagram’s word limit (yes Instagram has a word limit). Not anymore! Now only the general public can judge my inefficient verbosity and for that I can’t wait.

It’s been a long time coming and to be honest whilst I’m ashamed to admit it, the saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it comes to mind”. It doesn’t matter how you get there just that you do, and that it comes from within. You can’t rely on other people to micromanage your life. It’s a shame really.

You will never be ready

Ultimately though I just wasn’t ready. Or at least I didn’t feel ready: there was always more to learn about to read about to plan to brainstorm. What a lot of us fail to realise though is that planning is the most lethal form of procrastination, in that it’s in heavy disguise. And in waiting until you’re ready to do something you kind of miss the point of life. Life is about making mistakes and learning lessons. If you wait to be ready you’ll never experience the thrills of life. The mistakes the stories the lessons.

I made this blog to be a teacher but also a student and remain a student for the rest of my days. Whilst it’s true that I want to share my knowledge and teach those who want to be taught I also don’t want to stop learning about fashion, and indeed life. When we stop learning we stop growing and when a thing stops growing it begins the process of decay which ultimately starts the process of dying. You’re existing not living.

Couturism isn’t some fleeting transient thing, it’s a lifestyle choice, a religion and a movement. So join me on this journey, and come as you are. Or you can wait until you’re ready, but it certainly won’t wait for you. The show must go on.